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September 16, 2010 at 9:49 pm

New Top Rated Coffees

New Top Rated Coffees

Take a look at our newly ranked coffees. Rated amongst the top coffees by
Coffee Review:
Blind cuppings of
gourmet coffees with the findings reported in the form of 100-point reviews, much like those that exist in the wine industry. Coffee Review is the coffee industry’s most highly revered guideline and indicator of the world’s largest and most respected coffee buying guide.

Panama El Burro Estate Coffee

Rated: 94 points in Coffee Review September 2009
3rd place among the non-geisha coffees (5th overall)
in Best of Panama 2007 finals

Panama Elida Peaberry Natural Coffee

Rated: 93 points in Coffee Review September 2009

Blueberry-toned aroma with hints of cherry, flowers and baking spices. Bright, fruity acidity and a smooth mouthfeel with a complex fruit character in the cup bringing up associations ranging from plums and peaches to berries and citrus. Dry, sweet finish that becomes sweeter and slightly nutty in the long.

Panama Elida Natural Coffee

Rated: 95 points Coffee Review
Rated: 90.2: 2007 Best of Panama competition

Good sharp acidity and prune undertones and a citrus tangerine like finish. An almost over-ripe sweetness crowns the finish. The process makes this an excellent cup!

Boquete coffees are considered among the best in the world. Intensely sweet flavor and aroma dominated by flowers, apricot and tangerine. Soft, syrupy mouthfeel, bright-toned but balanced acidity and a remarkably rich, brandy-toned flavor. Crisp finish with sweet stone fruit notes lingering in the long.


Panama El Burro Estate   Panama Elida Peaberry Natural coffee   Panama Elida Honey coffee

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Liqueur Coffee Sampler!

Spark your Memorial Day
Liqueur Coffee!
Sample our newest LIQUEUR flavored coffees

The names you know and the tastes you love smoothly melded in non-alcoholic blends with gourmet coffee. The perfect after-dinner treat.


Regional Tour Sampler - (4 half-pounds)





Start Shopping Now!

               Liqueur Coffee Sampler

Liqueur Coffee SAMPLER:

  • Latin leprechaun – Kahlua and Irish Cream
  • Highlander grogg – Scotland’s favorite drink – smooth and delightful!
  • Bourbon Truffle – Kentucky Bourbon, vanilla and chocolate fudge
  • Black Velvet Cognac – Chocolate and Cognac – dark, smooth flavor
  • Calypso Cream – Coconuts and Rum – taste of the tropics
  • Grand Marnier – Sweet citrus and rich Brandy 

  • This makes an exquisite gift






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    esmeraldaThe excitement level at the roasting facility always rises when we receive a large, white envelope (or box) filled to the brim with green coffee samples. This white envelope represents a great potential; it represents the great potential for amazing coffee.  Needless to say, when said white envelope arrived from Hacienda La Esmeralda in Panama, a low buzz resonated among the staff.  “When are we going to cup the samples?  When is the auction?  How are these coffees going to compare to last year?  How will the newer harvest areas compare to the traditional Esmeralda Special areas?” 


    For those of you who are unaware of the significance of samples from Hacienda La Esmeralda, let me fill you in on a little bit of the back-story.  In 1996 the Peterson Family bought a coffee farm in the Jaramillo region of Panama. They knew that the farm contained many different varietals and that it produced an overall good quality cup.  In 2002, Daniel Peterson had the idea that the overall “good” quality of the cup might be due to one spectacular variety of coffee or area of the farm bringing up the overall quality of the cup.  That year, Daniel went around cupping the coffee from different sections of the farm.  Much to his excitement, he discovered that one section of the farm, and specifically one special varietal, produced an amazing cup.  This special varietal was an Ethiopian varietal called Geisha.  When the Peterson’s entered their Geisha coffee into the 2004 Best of Panama competition, the judges were stunned.  That year it sold for record prices, topping $20 a pound green.  The buzz around this coffee did not stop after that year.  It continued to win ALL the possible awards in the specialty industry, distinguishing itself as one of the best coffees in the world.  Just last year, the top lot sold for another mind blowing record price of $130 a pound green.  We have been fortunate to purchase this coffee for years, and this year we are looking forward to another great crop.


    GeishaBorderBack to the samples…  During the last 2 years, the Petersons have withheld their Esmeralda Special from the Best of Panama competition in order to give other farmers a chance.  Instead of using the Best of Panama competition and auction to sell their coffee, they have created their own auction system, dividing their Geisha variety coffee into separate batches that represent different parts of the farm, different altitudes and different harvest times. 


    Last week, we roasted and cupped this year’s Esmeralda Special harvest samples, and we were blown away.  We do not want to give away too many specifics, but we were very happy with this year’s harvest.  Most of the batches that we cupped were bursting with flavor.  There were beautiful floral notes abounding.  Strawberry, bright orange citrus and peach highlight these coffees.  It looks like we will have another year of astounding Esmeralda Special.  The auction is coming soon, May 19th, and we will keep you updated about which batches we purchase and when we expect them to arrive.  If you would like to watch the auction live, go to on May 19th.

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    Coffee of the World – Each Region With It’s Own Uniqueness

    -by Robert T Jones

    With so many wide and varied coffee producing regions throughout the world it is hard to know what to expect when you buy a coffee from these places. Some of regions rely on small independent farmers to produce the coffee other regions are run by the multinational companies. We are well aware of how famous Java is in the world of coffee, it has now become a second name for coffee. But there a many less well known regions that are producing some of the most outstanding coffee in the world, These beans get their unique flavours and aromas from the way they are grown and processed, for instance some regions in the Americas grown their coffee in the shade, while other prefer their beans to be grown on the slopes of mountains. To name and describe ever region of coffee producing world would take a little longer than I can afford, but they can be broken down into the main regions so you get a general overview of what to expect of the coffees from these regions.

    The Americas.

    The largest and most diverse of all the regions, coffee is produced from the Caribbean all the way through south and central America and as far as Hawaii. Most of these coffees can be described as having a well balance and medium bodied flavours, because of these characteristics many of the coffees from the Americas are perfect from bending with other strong more acidic coffee verities. Some other well known characteristics of these coffees are chocolaty and nutty tones. Probably the most famous of all the American coffee’s are the kona coffee produced on the slopes of the volcanic Hawaiian mountains and the blue mountain coffee of Jamaica which is the highest mountain in the Caribbean.

    Africa and the Middles East.

    With Ethiopia being the birth place of coffee Africa has a long history with the Coffee bean and some of the most famous coffees have their origin in African and the Middle East, Mocha Coffee got it’s name from a port in Yemen. Coffee from these regions will always remain popular with each region having its own unique flavours and aromas and this is mostly down to the wide variety of climates from the desert like regions of the Middle East to the tropical regions of the Cameroon and Kenya. Even though there are many different varieties of African coffee you are always assured of a wonderful cup of coffee.

    Asia And Indonesia

    Almost 75% of all the coffee beans produced in this region come from the Canephora plant, with the remainder produced from the Arabica plant, The tropical and sub-tropical climates of these regions make the ideal conditions for growing some of the world’s finest coffee beans. In general these coffees are low in acidity with a full body and distinctive aromatic flavours of earthy tones. Because the beans are low in acidity with a strong body they are often used in a blend with a milder coffee usually from Africa or the Americas. Some of the most well loved of all the Asian coffee’s are the monsooned malabar coffee produced in India. This is one of the most unique coffees in the world as the beans are left in open sheds though out the monsoon season. This imparts a wonderful unique flavour to the beans. Another famous coffee is Kapal Api which produced on the Indonesian island of Java and in the past 80 it has grown to be a world famous brand.

    As you can see that the choice and variety of coffee today is endless, and if you decide to roast your own green Coffee beans not only will have the freshest cup of coffee imaginable but you can also begin to experiment with different blends of coffee from around the world.

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    Cappuccino Cups

    Imagine an elegant small plate with a pool of hot fudge sauce. In the center floats an island of creamy cupcake-shaped cappucino pudding with a dollop of whipped cream, a sprinkle of cinnamon and a chocolate covered espresso bean on the tippy-top for garnish. The coffee and cinnamon in this recipe make a wonderful flavor combination.

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    Here’s to you–a Latte Love!!

    coffee-cup-cupperFive years ago I created Gourmet CoffeeXpress because of Roy…my British boyfriend. After visiting me here in the US he was taken by the flavored coffee, Coconut Cream. After returning to England he could find any coconut cream or most any flavors in coffee. He begged me to ship him some. I decided to create a business to get fabulous coconut cream flavored coffee over to Roy, the Brits, and America! (Sadly Roy has since died 😦 GOURMET COFFEEXPRESS is my hallmark to his memory.) Hyperlink to Gourmet CoffeeXpress

    April 22, 2009 at 12:31 pm 4 comments

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